Saludo Ads is an agile, young & innovative growing company.
We optimize billions of impressions over multiple platforms such as desktop, mobile & tablet and work with the top advertisers in the industry.

We offer exclusive and direct campaigns to our publishers based on their requests and our insights for better performance.
Our main goal is to get the best possible ROI by connecting quality publishers with the right demand parntners.

Our optimized campaigns are showing up to 260% better results than equivalent campaigns!

Reach out to maximize your revenues as an advertiser or publisher. We are here to make a change in your profits.

Customized Campaigns

Publishers & advertisers customized to their best fit of supply & demand

Platform Ready

We support all your platform needs
Desktop, Mobile, Tablets etc


Special & unique monetization solutions
that will work for out of the box

Advanced RTB

Industry's leading RTB exchanges
Offering high yield for your traffic

Brand Safe

Premium brands offering
clean & safe enviroment

All in One

One tag covers all your needs
with an easy & simple implementation

RTB Exchange
Supporting open RTB Protocol


Saludo's Real Time Bidding allows our inventory to be purchased by the individual impression through our bidding system that unfolds in the milliseconds before a webpage is loaded by a consumer.


Join our publishers Real Time Bidding auctions with thousands of advertisers on the other end to buy your traffic, great payout terms, low discrepancies and low click invalidations.


One of our main insights is offering full transparency, knowing that the more information we share with our advertisers the more precise our targeting capabilities become the better the results.

Brand Safety

Brand safety is something we live by. We insepct each impression carefuly to provide you with certainty about the safety and visibility of your brand to protect & empower it just like you would do.

The Future of Video Ads is Now!
Join the Reveolution with us